The Vampire’s Shadow


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The Vampire’s Shadow

At that moment, Daren Porter remembered something one of his instructors had said. Do not fear, fear, it is the most indispensable ingredient in courage. When the time comes courage will trump fear every time. Raising his revolver, he aimed for the darkened area inside the hood and squeezed the trigger.
The first bullet ricocheted off of one of the square tubing’s the gate was made of.  It struck the block wall near the street scattering dust and particles of concrete on the passersby. It got the attention of Angelia Huffington and her boyfriend Ted, they turned to stare into the darkness of the alley.
The second shot missed the tubing ever so slightly. It then entered Angelia’s left eye socket, and exploded from the back of her skull before hitting Ted in the chest. Both dropped to the sidewalk, dead. The third shattered the bone in the upper arm of Johnny Vincent, a football player who was bending down to see if they were okay. The fourth crossed the street and struck Sheila Williams in the back of the head.  It ended her window shopping, forever. She might have lived, but the force slammed her head through the large plate glass window of the store. The fifth shot totally obliterated the head of a manikin wearing a tan business suit, inside the store. The sixth shot passed through the throat of Arthur Brolin. It was a bad day to be shopping in Five Points.
The hooded one never wavered; but stood there silently blocking his escape. He knew the truth of it, knew the hopelessness of it and knew he could not win.
“F you.” He threw the empty revolver into the darkness of the hood and charged. His kick nailed the hooded one to the gate the following punches pinned it there. Spinning he elbowed the darkness where its face should be. Screaming like a mad man, he kept on the attack hoping against hope he could slip by and escape. His own actions were keeping the gate tightly closed, denying him his chance.
The hooded one, seemed to be unaffected by his bombardment, his arms were beginning to hurt, and his breath was rapid. Fatigue would be his undoing if nothing happened to stop this. He screamed, and raged, then backing up he allowed the hooded one to move from the gate. It advanced a step and then feigned another causing Daren to jump. This &%*$#@ was toying with him.
“I don’t die that easily you f, and I intend to see what’s behind that hood before I do.”
He charged again, knowing he would never step from this alley in this lifetime. Rapidly he threw every punch and kick he could load in such tight quarters. The hooded one stood its ground and decided on its next move. Its decision making abilities unaffected by the effort Daren was expending on its behalf.
The human skeleton gives the impression of being a tough thing. Overall the skeleton and the body which contains it, is weak and holds a remarkably slight grip on life. Between the rib cage and the pelvic area, there is little but a few organs and soft tissue. This is the most venerable area of the body; at least it is so, for the hooded figure and others like it. The hand entered through Daren’s belly, not as a fist but with fingers extended. They exited the back with fingers one side of the spine and thumb on the other. As Daren’s face registered intense pain, he suddenly lost any desire to fight. Its fingers closed around his backbone. With one sudden jerk, the hooded one pulled on Daren Porters backbone and broke it into his abdomen area.
As he lay on the alley floor two things passed as shadows through his mind.  The first, the hooded one had stepped over him and gone. The second, f you Roscoe let me see you clean this up; he thought it and then died.


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