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It was now time to check on Screwy and see how Ling Ling had turned out for him. Jamie approached the room he’d seen them enter the night before and knocked, no one answered. Could they have left already? He knocked a second time and then pushed at the door, it swung open.

Jamie noticed two things, Ling Ling was whimpering quietly in the head and Screwy lay on his stomach on the bed, nude. Jamie stepped to the bed and reached down to shake Screwy awake. Even before his hand reached Screwy, he noticed the pool of blood and vomit around his head. Jamie’s hand shook the cold body even though his mind knew there was no reason to. He had known it last night; the reaper had been simply waiting for an opportunity. This was what an overdose of reds and booze looked like. Jamie had seen it before; there was no question about it. Poor Screwy, poor Ling Ling. What a shitty way to wake up… or not wake up, Jamie considered.

There was no reason for Ling Ling to go through all the shit that would accompany Screwy’s death. Jamie entered the head to try to make her feel better and then get her out of the room before he called the police. She stood near the wall, nude and gasping great gulps of air. Jamie moved across the small room to pull her close and let her know everything would be okay. She slowly turned, and her little penis caught Jamie by surprise. He tried to reverse course, but was too committed to stop. So, Ling Ling was a boy, holy shit. Jamie stood and held him, patting him on the back and trying to make sure he made no contact with the penis running loose somewhere between them. He made soothing sounds and said soothing words; Ling Ling totally melted against him and broke down. Jamie was revolted, but could not help but feel sorry for him.

Ling Ling, being a boy, was all the more reason to get him out of the room before the police arrived. After way too many minutes of seriously uncomfortable cuddling, Jamie was able to get Ling Ling dressed and out the door. Screwy would go on to be another marine who died in the line of duty and his family would never know where he died or what his job had been.


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